Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Alright Alright Alright

Before I bring us back to our regularly (ha!) scheduled blogging program I would like to thank all of you for the kind thoughts you are putting out there for us. I appreciate more than you will ever know.

Now back to our program before I get maudlin.

Wow, sooooooo many things to catch y'all up on.

I apologize for possibly getting this all out of order (damn short term memory).

I'm involved with a ROAK over at ICK. And lemme tell you, Secret Pal, I LOVE you! A week or so ago I got home from work and there was a package waiting for me! I, like everyone else, LOVE getting mail. I open it up & there it was. A homemade REALLY cool needle case, complete with pocket.

All wrapped up.

My secret pal included some really cute stitch marker along with several other knitting goodies (as an aside whomever dreamed up the tape measure in a CASE is freaking brilliant!).

But my favorite? Yeah the postcard. Seriously cool. I have never seen anything like it but will definitely be keeping my eyes open for them.

"Q. Who's going to kick your ass?"

"A. A girl."

Ah ha! I owe you all a sock story... But first a picture of some happy feet in the sunshine. :)

Please excuse the GLARE from my white legs.

So Erin gave me my socks on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (along with some stitch markers, including a Statue of Liberty one... Does Erin know me or what?). I happily wore them about my brother's house pretty much the rest of the weekend. As a note, handknit socks are a WEE BIT slippery on slate kitchen floors. I slid and very nearly took out my little niece. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to pick her up and let her slide along with me. My brother wants me to make him a pair now... Yeah we'll have to think about that. I have dinky feet (the same size as Erin's) and my brother... HUGE feet. Not Nathan's size 15's but... big enough. But on that very Sunday I stopped by Erin's house and picked up this...

That's SOCK yarn in that thar bush!

Yup SOCK yarn from her very stash. (yeah I now have another sock yarn story but I'm saving that one for later this week.. no point in shooting my whole proverbial wad at once).

Yup apparently I'm going to attempt to knit socks. And I MAY knit Cari a pair too in an attempt to convert her... but I might not "have" to. (The other sock story will explain it all in due time).

Ok, in non-knitting news. I'm in the process of moving. I have to be completely out of my current place by July 4th (my birthday no less) but thankfully already have the key to the new place. Monday after work I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my boss and shampooed all the carpets & Sunday during the day I went up and cleaned nearly everything. That is everything but the fridge (it's already clean but yeah doing a once over anyway) and most of the bathroom. My boss/new landlord is going to be removing the late 70s era shower doors and believe you me I'll be scrubbing the HELL out of that tub once they come off. It's not really health department dirty but there is some serious hard water ickiness and, well, this is where I'm going to be cleaning myself so, yeah, would like that to be clean. That and I really like to take baths and as it is right now... um, no. Once I get the place all nice and purdy (and for the 40 seconds it stays that way) hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures so y'all can see Casa de Carma.

And now I leave you with a bumper sticker I got a few weeks ago (Nathan and I have already mentally added David's name).

Until next time. ;)

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