Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yup, I suck

NOW do you all see why I share a blog with my best friend? Because I am a blogging slacker. (Well, I also share with Erin because she's cool and well I can ride on the coattails of that ;))

I try to blame the blog-slacking on the lack of a digital camera (because no pictures make for boring posts?) but yeah that's just me doing what I do best, rationalizing ANYTHING (it's a gift... and a curse).

Anyhow, I have a little knitting news. If I get a chance during the joy of packing tonight I will see if I can use my neighbor's camcorder/digital camera for some visuals.

Yeah, I'm in baby blanket hell. Don't get me wrong I love the people that they are being knitted for (the baby's aren't here yet but who doesn't love babies especially when they are made my wonderful people) and I LOVE the yarn I'm using but I feel like I'm knitting and knitting (and knitting) and getting nowhere. I'm 60-some rows into the first half of the middle of the blanket (half is I believe 183 rows)... oy. I do fine as long as I don't think about that WHILE I'm knitting... if I do I start to knit slower and slower and slower until I'm pretty much NOT knitting. Oh and it doesn't help that I am apparently allergic to the yarn. But it only bothers my inner forearms so the problem is solved by knitting while wearing a long sleeve shirt (NOTE: it's been 70 plus degrees here for awhile). Oh bother.

So in an attempt to keep myself from packing away all things knitterly and sending them to someone far far away I started the aforementioned
Lion Brand poncho out of Incredible it's knit on size US35 needles so I'm thinking a quick knit might help me... Unfortunately I feel like I'm knitting with tree trunks. I'm starting to be less clumsy with them and actually starting to develop a rhythm.

AND I have some really really bright orange and lime green Cascade 220 to make myself a summery Sophie. MUST get a least one baby blanket done first. hmmm we'll see how that goes.

Onto baby news... And lots of it.

Pregnant friend #3. Kim
Original due date: June 10th
Modified due date: June 3rd
She went to the doctor on May 13th and was told the little one (possibly named Olivia) could possibly be arriving before Memorial Day. The doc said any day is fine.

Pregnant friend #4. Steph
Original due date: June 14th
She went to the doctor last Friday then again on Monday for another ultrasound... The doctor said probably by this weekend and the tech that does the ultrasound said that part of the office thinks things would start happening on the 25th (yeah yesterday). Steph said she's really excited (and terrified) but said that this whole time has been thinking 3 more weeks... Now it's now. She said she's going to be pretty upset if she ends up getting to her original due date. :) Oh yeah, this little one is definitely going to be named Nicholas Matthew (how cute).

Conveniently both of these friends are gracious enough to be having their children at the same hospital. And they live about 30 miles apart. So me thinks I'll be making a trip to that particular hospital while visiting Indiana this weekend. :)

And as previously mentioned Pregnant Friend #2 (Rae Ann) became Baby #2 on May 13th (Friday the 13th, hee). Rylan Chase. Coming in at 7lbs 14 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Isn't he a cutie?!?!

Sadly they live pretty much on the other end of Indiana so I won't be able to visit him and pinch those little cheeks on this trip (but soon I hope).

And yes in case you were wondering I do live vicariously through my friends. :) This is the closest I will come to having my own children (my own choice, I really love other people's children).

And I hope to get better at this blogging thing. :) Or at least more frequent about it (better I suppose is a relative term). In upcoming posts I will explain my nickname in an attempt to quell the confusion and take you all on a virtual tour of where I live (using the neighbor's camera... have I mentioned how much I love living next to Crystal and Ben?). I figure you might all like the 'hood and I'm probably going to be moving out soon. :)

Well tomorrow is travel day. Please send your trafficless vibes my way. I'm going to be avoiding a huge section of highway construction nightmare (IE the southside of Chicago) in favor of driving through another, more scary 'hood. Hence why this travel will be done during the daylight hours. So, yeah while you're sending vibes a few please don't shoot me ones might be helpful. :)

In case I don't have a chance to commandeer my brother's or Erin's computer this weekend, everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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