Wednesday, May 11, 2005

WHY do I live in Iowa again?

(Apologies to Jen for pretty much stealing one of her post titles... Ok so her's was "Why do I date you again?" but it's close enough where my half-Jewish half-Catholic genetic makeup feels I should apologize).

Let me start out by explaining something. I am TERRIFIED of tornados. I think it's another genetic thing. My mom, who grew up in New Jersey, had lived through a number of hurricanes in her time with little apprehension but tornados scared her. She felt that hurricanes hit the whole stinking coast/ area (thereby reducing damage to any one place???) but a tornado can hit one house but not any of the other. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either but the fear of tornados still stuck with me. Growing up in Northwest Indiana there were a few tornado "scares" but not really as many as one might assume (I think the close proximity to Lake Michigan has something to do with it) so I don't really have any personal terrifying tornado stories. I did have to spend a good chunk of a school day in 4th grade under a teachers desk with 4 other people but it was only a precaution, the tornado never got closer than 5 miles from the school.

So then I move to IOWA... Flat flat Iowa (ok, well, except for the fair northeast corner but I'm not there). Mere days after I moved out here I was in the mall when an announcement came over the loudspeaker pretty much telling everyone to take cover. I nearly wet myself. Thankfully I was talking to the wonderful woman working at the Clinique counter and so we took cover together. When the all clear was given we of course went to the closest window. It was the first time I had ever seen that eery green sky that is said to accompany tornados.

Once again it is that time of year and so all the news stations are "reminding" people of what to do during storms etc and the differences between a warning and a watch (Am I the only one that thinks the word "watch" just sounds worse than a warning? Yeah apparently I'm on crack... The warning is apparently when you should head IMMEDIATELY to shelter). For someone like me hearing the weatherman break into "regularly scheduled programming" and say if you live ________ take cover/ start implementing your "severe weather plan". I don't even have to be anywhere near _________ and I start to sweat.

So seeing this article in today's paper didn't really help things. The area mentioned isn't that terribly far from where I live. Especially if you're a tornado and, you know, have that whole ability to fly through the sky. And wouldn't you know it? Today it's overcast and severe storms are expected.

So say it with me...

WHY do I live in Iowa again?

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