Sunday, May 15, 2005

One and One

YAY! I got a message from pregnant friend #2 this morning. Rae Ann and Lee are now the proud parents of a little boy. She said that they were pretty sure his first name was going to be Riley but they hadn't completely agreed on that or his middle name. He was born a little after 9 last night... Friday the 13th. Congrats Rae and Lee.

So now the baby count is one girl and one boy. And in June we should be welcoming another girl and another boy. YAY.

In knitting news I'm working on another Big Bad Baby Blanket for pregnant friend #4 Steph (she would be the one having the boy) I'm in love with the yarn but I feel like I'm knitting and going no where quickly.

I gave Sydney her blanket and she LOVED it.... Her exact words were "thank you so much" and then when I told her that I made it... "COOL!" Yeah, see why I like that kid so much?

I've decided to make myself a poncho (and yes I know I'm behind in the trend but 1. I live in Iowa we're always behind in the trends and 2. I don't care :) ). I decided to make the one on the Lion Brand site, the one made with Incredible ribbon. I had already bought myself 2 balls of it awhile ago to make myself a fun little useless scarf.... But I never actually started making it and wondered why I was making it (Hi, I'm more of a function before fashion kind of girl). Sooo when I started thinking that I wanted a summery poncho and then saw a pattern out of the same stuff I figured JACKPOT. I got one more ball at Hobby Lobby last night and then asked Cari if she could look and see if they had anymore up at her local Hobby Lobby (thanks, Cari!) I'm doing it in the Copper Penny and it promises to be a quick knit so we shall see...

And I *gasp* bought myself a poncho at the store last night. It's BRIGHT red and really unsuitable for warm weather and I know I could have knit myself but it was THREE DOLLARS. Yeah that was worth it even if I took it apart for the yarn. One of these days I'll model it and get a photo for y'all.

I got my Bead It stitch markers today from Bad Hippie... They are seriously adorable. Thanks Bad Hippie!

And thanks to my seriously cool neighbors, Crystal and Ben, for letting me use their digital camera and computer to take and post that pic.

And, because hopefully she's gotten them by now, here is a picture Erin was gracious enough to take of the stitch markers that I made bad Hippie.

I really hope she likes them, I was hoping to find a little VW bug like charm or something along those lines but sadly it was not in the cards.

I made a bunch of other stitch markers today from the beads Erin got me at Target (they're funky :)) maybe I'll get a chance to post a picture of them soon.

Well I'm off to get ready for bed so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work tomorrow (yay).

Have a good Monday everyone (wait, is that even POSSIBLE?)

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