Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ball of Confusion

Ok, in an attempt to clear up some confusion.... A story. :)

My "real" name is Cara. My nickname is Carma, given to me by my best friend (with help from a telemarketer). See my middle initial is M (for Michelle) and many moons ago Erin was visiting me at my Dad's house. I was in the shower and the phone rang so Erin answered it and the telemarketer asked for Carma... The name stuck, Erin's been calling me that ever since. And since there were quite a number of Cara's already in the knitting blog community (which still startles me) I decided to use my nickname as my online "persona".

So yeah, any of you that had to deal with all kinds of confusion about this... It's all Erin's fault (she says deviously while ducking).

Alright my neighbor Crystal and I learned a VALUABLE lesson this evening (one I know you all know already)... PHOTOS IN NATURAL LIGHT! So, yeah, I have lots of cool things to show everyone but the pictures (to borrow a phrase from Erin) are no bueno. So Crystal and I are going to try again tomorrow in the LIGHT and we'll see how it goes. That means more story time tomorrow (or the next day).

Sorry kids, but the stories will work better with visual aids. (And yup that includes stories about the socks, etc)

Wish me luck. :)

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