Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My civic duty is FINALLY done. Six weeks of jury duty... ouch. Now don't get me wrong I'm proud of our judicial system (hell, I've been dating a prosecutor for over 4 years), so on some level I'm glad I got to be just a vital part of that system. BUT it was an EXTREMELY trying time. It didn't help that I wasn't getting paid (other than the $10/ day from the state) during the whole thing. Ramen noodles anyone?

(As an aside before I stop kevetching about this... I want to publically thank both Erin and Cari for being such wonderful friends during this whole thing. I know I wasn't the most personable person during this and I really appreciate you guys checking up on me and keeping me in your thoughts. You guys seriously are the greatest.)

Knitting helped me keep my sanity during all of this. And I'm nearly done with Sydney's Big Bad Baby Blanket. I have one more row of the pattern left then it's a mere 20 rows of seed stitch and I'm DONE! YAY! One blanket down, two to go.... But I have determined that if I commit myself to at least 10 rows a night I can roughly complete one in 2 weeks (I say roughly because I'm not sure if the other yarn will gauge the same). I'm going to make Kim's blanket next, then Steph's. I like the yarn I got for both of them but I'm really excited about the yarn for Steph's blanket so I'm using that yarn as motivation. I'm a bad friend and didn't make it to Kim's shower last weekend (Erin, how was it?) and so I think that in order to not hurt Kim's feelings I might not go to Steph's shower this weekend as well. I'm planning on going to Indiana the first weekend in May (in part so Erin and I can go see up to Kalamazoo to see the Harlot ). So I'm going to try to make arrangements with Kim's then to not only see her but give her the prizes I have for her wee one. THEN I MIGHT also go to Indiana Memorial Day weekend (oy, the traffic) and that weekend I would like to make arrangements to see Steph. Here's hoping this all works out.

In other news...
Nathan got Weeble (his '72 VW Bus) out of storage this past weekend. You can't help but smile when you see this thing. It's really starting to feel more "spring-like" (although mentally I can't BELIEVE May is around the corner).
I'm looking for a new abode.... My current apartment (and home for the past THREE years) isn't the in the greatest neighborhood, which became more of an issue post-trial, and it's pretty pricey. It was the only place around here that would allow pets... And up until a couple months ago that was an issue. I think I have a couple options so now I just have to hash them out in my head to decide what I want to do, etc. Everything happens for a reason, right? I'm sure the cosmos will be sure that I end up where I'm supposed to. Or at least that's the theory I'm going with ;)

Alright I have one more row on that blanket before I can call it a night. There's something else I'm supposed to do tonight but I can't seem to remember what.....

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