Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Will this anger the Knitting Gods?

Alrighty... here's the deal.... I'm almost halfway done with the Big Bad Baby Blanket that I was planning on making for Sydney. Pregnant friend #3, Kim, is having a baby shower on 4/17 (or rather her mom and sisters are having it for her).... The likehood that I can finish knitting this blanket and knit a whole 'nother blanket for Kim is, to say the least, not bloody likely. Now I could just give Kim "other" presents and a blanket I.O.U. (the baby isn't due until June) OR I could give Kim the blanket I was planning on giving Sydney (being that both Kim and Sydneys' favorite color is purple). But is that bad knitting karma? This is really a moot point if my current civil duty is not complete by then because if it isn't I won't be coming out for the shower anyway (it's on a Sunday morning and, well, if I'm not back by Monday morning I'm in serious trouble) then I can hurry finish blanket #1 for Sydney then make a second blanket for Kim's little one and send it along when done. I was planning on blogging tons more tonight but I had the (dis)pleasure of being involved in the civic duty for nearly 10 hours today and blogger isn't recognizing my enter key so I think I'm just going to try to get some sleep. I have a feeling the next couple of days are going to be long. But, seriously, any opinion on this whole blanket issue is appreciated... I know I'm mentally making it a bigger deal than is probably necessary but... yup, that's me.

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