Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Alright, you've probably all determined by now that E and I are pretty close. But sometime's it even shocks me. I logged onto my computer tonight to put information on the String Scrubbie Project... only to discover that E has already put the button for it on the blog. I'm telling you she amazes me. (As an aside, I apologize for the weird/ bad formatting, Blogspot isn't recognizing my enter key again) Yeah lots of excitement around Casa de Carma... Last night and tonight I (ready? are you sure??? you might want to sit down) SHAMPOOED my carpets. Whoa. Yeah I know exciting, eh? I'm telling you though, you want to feel like a nasty filthy human, try shampooing your carpets and then check out the "used" water. Eeeeew. I'm not the world's greatest housekeeper but I've never gotten to the point where the health department was going to start raising eyebrows in my direction. That is until I started cleaning the carpet... UGH seriously. Well at least they're clean now, right? Well I know I have everything done but my bedroom (I'm sure I've mentioned that my apartment is TINY) and I moved everything but the couch... It's a sleeper sofa and I'm a tiny woman. Alright this whole enter thing is driving me insane... And the last episode of NYPD Blue is about to start here (*SOB*) sooo yeah more knitting content later (or from E even) ;)


  1. I'm sorry. I noticed your scrubbie project in your ufos and went to check it out. when I saw the button I went button happy (you know I've been doing that latelt) I can't wait to come out and see you we'll have to fit in a couple of lessons for you so we can do a hank-a-long soon.

  2. You so don't have to be sorry... I was actually totally happy to see it (yup, misuse of totally).

    Heck, yeah, I'm pretty much not planning on sleeping that weekend. ;)