Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Big Yay and a couple (well, kinda) oys

Hi, guys!!!!

Didya miss me?

Sorry I've been MIA for a piece... I thought I had a reasonable excuse but now it appears as though I didn't then but do now? But sadly I can't "use" my excuse for the next month or so. Let's just suffice it to say that while I'm not actually "doing" anything "really" but butt's gettin kicked all over the place and by the time I get home everyday my arse is DRAGGIN'.

But today I got something ABSOLUTELY wonderful in the mail... The mitts Erin so graceously made me. Yup, she's going to be here in a mere week (this alone is enough to cause me to happy dance my way around my apartment) but she didn't want me to have to wait that long for the mitts so she sent them to me. Not that I'm at all surprised but they are ABSOLUTELY FREAKING FABULOUS! Seriously... Those pictures don't EVEN begin to do them justice. I literally shared them with several complete and total strangers this afternoon. And they were all understandably impressed. THANK YOU ERIN!!!! Not that you didn't already know this (shut up or I'll smack you) but you RULE. And, my friends, I know that Erin doesn't take praise well (she will freely admit this to others) but DAMN these things are great. And they came at the perfect time.

Ok, I'm going out of town this weekend (Canoecopia, baby!) but I promise to get better about blogging on a regular basis... I know it's without pictures but, hey, it's better than nuttin?

Alright those dishes aren't (sadly) going to wash themselves...

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