Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Where is the love?

Hey, E... Please refer to your post on 2/01/05... Am I reading this incorrectly or did you send me a package of some sort???? Huh, huh did ya, did ya?

'Cuz I ain't got no package... CARI got her mitts today. :( Or rather :) for her :( for me. (She loves them, by the way, called me when she got 'em).

So I was just curious... ;)

I have a little bit of knitting news... I went today to Wally World (I know, I know evil, evil WalMart) and bought a skein of Red Heart to make with the fun fur for Jill's scarf. Yup I was not terribly far from the end and I HATED it so a forgone' I will go... Actually a forgone' I went, or tried to went. Apparently I screwed up that bad bear so much I was unable to frog it, so it just got put aside. Thankfully I had another ball of fun fur in the same color so I just started the scarf again with that one. Already going MUCH better. I got the idea of adding the other yarn from a "sample" scarf in Walmart... The sample said to do Seed Stitch across the rows but I'm not THAT great with purling so I decided to just do garter stitch the whole way to get the poor thing done. I'm hoping to have it done and ready for mailing Monday. Nathan and I are going to Indianola, Iowa sometime this weekend for the Iowa PaddleSport Expo and hopefully I can convince him to drive (I'll even spice up the deal with taking my car) so I can get some knitting time in... That'll be about 6 hours round trip. (Everyone cross your fingers for me). Oh no, I've lost the ability to use my enter key again (I hate that) so I'll wrap this up. Have to go feed Ribbon and wait for the laundry to finish (I am a Wild and CRAZY Gal!). :)


  1. E -

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! As Carma mentioned, I got my mitts last night. I love them. And Faith loved getting to open a 'present'. So they are a hit all around. I wore them this morning to finish shoveling my driveway...I love them.

    Thanks again...


  2. You're very welcome Cari. I'm glad you like them.

    Carma, um, well, you see.... On 2-1 I put your package in the backseat of my car, and it has, until yesterday morning benn joy riding all week. (sorry). But I did send it off yesterday morning. I know I suck.

  3. TEASE! You horrible, horrible tease... ;)

    Oh well, I hope the package had an enjoyable time joyriding.... :):)