Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day Hangover

Ah, Valentine's Day... Red hearts... love....

And all that crap.

The only thing that I really appreciate about Valentine's Day is an old quote from our friend Katie (from back in our collective single bitter days ;) ),

"Is it a coincidence that Valentines Day and Venereal Disease both begin with V.D.?"

Ah, yes. What can I say, an office full of woman makes Valentine's Day a bit rough for the atypical woman.

But I did have some fun yesterday... I went yarn shopping. :) After frogging my future stepmom's scarf and starting over with the fun fur and some other "regular" yarn, I realized that I didn't have enough fun fur... So off to the store I went. :) Hobby Lobby didn't have the right color but they had other fun stuff of course... Soooooo I got some really cute pink and blue yarn to make a blankie for my coworker/friend, Cari's, friend. It's not going to be a very big blankie because the little one is a preemie and I thought they might need just a little something. (Then again what do I know I have no children) It's soft but it's also 100% arcylic so it'll take a beating if necessary. I cast on the blankie this morning (big surprise I'm making it like a huge washcloth) so that I can work on it while in the doctor's office later this morning.

I also got myself some complete frivolous ribbon yarn to make myself a completely "just for fashion not function" scarf. I know I know SO not me but I LOVE the yarn and thought what the hell? I need a little fashion funk in my life. I know I also need another project on deck like I need a hole in the head but... At least with this one the needles that I need are currently in the midst of another project (my Homespun Shawl) so I hopefully won't abandon everything for this ribbon.

Oh yeah and finally at Hobby Lobby I got the rest of the stuff I need to finish the stitch markers I'm making. (heheheh I got E a prize too...)

Then it was off to evil evil Walmart where thankfully I found the correct color fun fur so I worked on more of Jill's scarf last night. Hey, speaking of evil evil Walmart, did you know that you could return makeup? Specifically lipstick? Huh learn somethin new everyday. See I listened to one of those fashion mags and they said that there was as specific color of lipstick that looked great on all skin types... I took their word for it and bought it. Apparently looking good on all skin types is different than looking good on everyONE. Needless to say it was AWFUL. I was pretty bummed given that I had splurged (for me) $7 on the stinking stuff and there was no WAY I was ever going to wear it. Then I talked to a friend that said I could just return it no problem. So I tried it... Lo and behold that sweet lady knew what she was talkin' 'bout (not that that surprised me). So I spent the money on some new mascara... Almay has a line of eye makeup designed for your eye color to help inhance the color. So I now own sapphire mascara (I know crazy...) Hey I figure a little self "improvement" measures here and there never hurt anyone. ;)

On a serious note, I want E and her family to know that I'm thinking about them on what I'm sure is going to be a difficult day. *Hugs*

**Added later**
E GO. as. soon. as. possible. To McDonald's... yup, it's that time of year again and SHAMROCK SHAKES are back... Yeah got myself one as a yay you went to the stinkin doctor prize.

Oh yeah and if possible try not to plan your trip out here within the next 2 weeks. I got that crabby medicine where I can't drink ANY alcohol while I'm taking it... Not that we "need" booze but... it's going to be a long 2 weeks.

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  1. Whoo-hoo, shamrock shales. The funeral went well. John's kids were in attendance. I hadn't seen them in 18 years. The kicker? They live two blocks from Mom's house. Who knew? They also met some relatives they had no idea existed. (half-siblings of their father) so I think some good came of it all.