Friday, February 04, 2005

Today's episode

of My Best Friend's a Dork shall be titled....
"101 Ways to Make an Arse out of Oneself"

Yup ladies and gentlemen I have reached an all new level of geekdom today.

All right you'll recall a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I "test flirted" with the "attorney boy" that works downstairs in the building where I work. Yeah well... I hadn't really done much more than say Hi when we happened to meet because I'm not sure if he's taken (or gay... not that there's anything wrong with that) but I didn't want to commit a "social error" by asking him out and... yeah.

So today and the new level of geekdom...
I had offered a couple months ago to take some computer parts from my office to be recycled, I was just waiting for a nicer day to transport all of it outside to my car. Today it was 50 (yup in Northeast Iowa... who says Global Warming isn't happening?) so my coworker friend, Wendy, was helping me take the stuff outside. Because it was so nice I was wearing my new Earth sandals. I had mentioned while we were still upstairs in the office that I hoped I didn't walk out of my shoes and fall down the stairs. Wendy recommended that I take my shoes off, put them in my fleece jacket pocket, until we get down the stairs to the door. I followed her suggestion even as I said, "Knowing my luck we're going to run into the attorney boy..."

I'll be damned I was right.

Yup, made it down several flights of marble stairs no problemo... But right at the bottom, yup there's Ryan. I never used to embarass AT ALL but my face was so red it wasn't even funny.. I couldn't even look at him. He was nice enough to help me get one of my shoes (which had previously been sticking out of my pocket like an ear at my hip) out of my pocket. He tried to hold open the door to the outside for us without actually going outside but that proved difficult so he went out and held open the door... Now because I couldn't look at him I really can't refute Wendy's claim that he was blushing as well. But... Yeah probably not... he was probably red in the face because he was trying not to laugh hysterically at this moron or because he's a red head and the building we work in is so stinking hot it feels like a sauna.
Stinking Blogspot is no longer recognizing my enter key so... I'll wrap this up. I resisted the urge to crawl out the window when I left work today but did manage to not run into him again. MAN I'm a dork. Think there's any hope for me? Some of my coworkers are threatening to just go talk to him "on my behalf" (yeah like THAT won't be embarrassing... what am I in 7th grade?). Yup, E your best friend is a dork.....


  1. Dear Attorney Boy:
    Do you like my friend, Cara? (the red faced one, schlepping computer parts barefoot) If so please circle yes.

    YES NO

  2. heheheh Exactly...

    E, you're so cute.