Monday, February 21, 2005

R.I.P. Rib

'Tis a sad day in the Carma household....

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This morning not long after 9am Central Standard Time I had to have my wonderful cat and best friend of the past almost 18 years put to sleep... Yeah, sadly I mean the big sleep.

I know this is probably complete and utter bias but Ribbon was seriously the best cat, quite possibly in the world. She wasn't a "real" cat, she was raised from a very early age by a family of dog people so she was more doglike than catlike. And all those years ago she "found" my family... My dad had gone out somewhere briefly and had left the garage door open (which NEVER happened) and my mom was out in the backyard hanging laundry to dry... And Mom hears this meow from inside the garage... Now Mom was TERRIFIED of cats so she took her time hanging the laundry. My friend, Amy (E it was Pinky), and I came out into the garage and see this ITTY BITTY TINY kitty. (As an aside as you can tell from the pictures above... she made up for lost time) It was quite literally love at first sight. I begged my mom to let me keep her but her fear of cats caused her to keep saying no.. Then a few days later she let me bring the cat into the house just to see if it was litter-trained (which is an interesting test in an of itself), saying all the while that she is sure this cat has a home somewhere and that someone was looking for her. Mom wanted to put an ad in the paper advertising the lost cat. That's right ladies and gentleman almost 18 years later... an ad never went in the paper.

YEARS later a friend of mine's family bought a campground a couple miles down the road from my childhood home. There was a cat at the campground that was pretty much ALWAYS pregnant (that is until we were finally able to catch her and get her fixed).. At least one cat in EVERY single litter she had looked remarkably similiar to Ribbon.

But like I said she was a seriously cool cat. E will attest to that... One of her favorite things to do used to be chasing that cat around my old place, even when she (E not Ribbon) was pregnant.

Rest In Peace Ribbonawitz, you will be missed and forever loved.

***Don't worry, E, tomorrow I'll answer the meme.***

Holy big pictures, Batman! Sorry about that... my first time and all... and I guess I should explain these pictures.... The first is me and my cat, the second is Her Nibbs, and the final picture is my dear old Dad and Ribby. These were taken circa 2000...


  1. She was a special cat. and don't worry about the meme, I just thought you might like to do it.

  2. It's clear that since she started out so itty bitty and got to be so big, that she was very well loved. :)

  3. I am so sorry about your little guy. We lost one of our beloved furballs last year, I feel your loss. Please let me know if I can offer any support - keep your chin up. :) ~Rox

  4. Yup, all these blogs, etc about Ribby Cardis... yeah :(