Wednesday, February 23, 2005

As Promised....

Alrighty (I'm not always successful but I do attempt to keep my word sometime)... potential sheep and wool festivals for the warmer weather months...

Ok now bear with me... I'm reading this off a note that Nathan gave me. He does have good handwritting so that's not the issue but it's kind of shorthand so I apologize if some of this stuff is jumbled... But I am incredibly thankful to him for going through the trouble of putting this stuff together for me (us) **This is me giving credit where credit is due, so don't go saying that I don't** :) .

May 7th & 8th
Shepherd's Harvest Lake Elmo, MN

June 11th & 12th
1st Annual Iowa Summer Sheep & Wool Festival Adel, IA

September 9th through 11th
Jefferson WI (still looking for website stuff)

And then there are two more in Illinois one in Bishop Hill and the other, The Fibre Art Fair, in Stephenson County. I'm still looking into these... I know the Bishop Hill one is either the weekend of the 15th or 22nd of October.

So, hey, this is a starting point for us right? heehee

Well there is fun stuff going on at abode de Carma tonight... laundry, resume tweaking, and dishes. I'm telling you the FUN never ends around here... :)

Hope you are all having a lovely evening... The dishes are calling...

Side note... Yay me! Thanks to the gracious assistance of E I was FINALLY able to do a post with links... Wow I'm moving up in the world now!!! :)

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