Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Alright don't get too excited

I just finished knitting my first Sophie Bag.... Yup I'm really aware of how Tiny an accomplishment this is given that E has made 47,000 of them in the past week. But, ladies and gentleman, this is my first (insert big booming voice here) BIG project. Yeah I still need to felt it but that will require some travel to the quasi-boyfriend's (yeah my new "title" for him) abode to borrow his Mr. Washie. Or should it be Mrs. Washie because it's in a boys house?

I digress... The bag is done!!! Yay! It's for the Tsunami Knit Swap (yup E finished her mitts from that HOW long ago?). My coworker is going to take a picture of it pre-felt so that I can post it. Yeah I really need to make a mental note to really think about getting a digital camera. E was gracious enough to make the beaded handle for me (and, for those of you keeping score at home, there is nothing E can't do... I hope that was the right amount of negatives...). I so cannot wait to see what it all looks like together. And more than likely I'm going to make another one here soon. Maybe for my Dad's fiance (since I'm doing such a stellar job on her scarf... for her January 6th birthday, I suck)

Wow for once I started a post with knitting! Huh turning over a new leaf left right and center huh?

I also have news on my cat. She's doing so much better. I took her back to the vet yesterday for another anti-inflammatory and antibiotic shot. I'm also going to be giving her oral meds twice a day for the next 10 days or so, thankfully I can mix it in her food and she doesn't seem to notice. The vet did say that we're not going to "cure" this but this is the best course of action all things considered. She already seems SO much better. Now I know this probably isn't a long term thing but right now I'm ok with it.

Alright I'm off to iron (I know, can you believe it?) and hem some pants (again can you believe it?).

E, I hope your day is looking up. :)


  1. WHOO HOO!!!!!

    quasi-biyfriend. i like it. Now what can I barter for some fleece????

  2. I'm doin the happy dance! I'm doin the happy dance! Way to go, Cara! :)


  3. E,

    He keeps telling me that he's going to get "us" some fleece (followed by a torrent of questions about the "kind" and "quality" my answers didn't please him.. "sheep" and "free") I'll see what I can do ;)



    Love ya,