Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Random Bits

Ha! I title this entry "Random Bits" like that's going to disinquish this post from any of my other ones.

Well the first thing I have to say is in honor of my coworker, Cari, we can call this the coworker's a dork portion of the blog (in no way am I saying that Cari is a dork... This is all me, I just happened to TELL Cari about it). Cari deemed this blogworthy so.. Here goes... Our office gets a great deal of it's office supplies from Staples and more often than not we get Staples BRAND stuff. So there are a lot of boxes that say "Staples" in the supply cabinet. That tends to make things a touch difficult when you're actually looking for staples, as in the little metal things to put in staplers.

I have absolutely no knitting news... I currently have 5 WIPs not one that I've touched in days. I have yarn ear marked for 2 or 3 other projects and then a stash of other nonspecific yarn (judging from the knitters I know both on the 'net and in person I assume this is as "normal" as knitters get). I know I'm having a hard time getting to these projects because I apparently have a mental block against big projects. Not that any of my WIPs are really that big in the grand scheme of things but.... Particularly with the sophie bag I'm knitting.... I find myself terrified that once I get it completely knit and felt I'm going to screw something up putting on the handles (beaded handmade by E, thanks sweets!). I know I know part of the beauty of doing these kinds of projects is the joy of knitting... The journey not the destination so to speak. But I'm not the most crafty of all human beings so I tend to get discouraged and give up REALLY easy when it comes to most things, particularly those things dealing with crafts. I'm sure this is a shock to any of you that know me but...

Now onto a more depressing subject. Hopefully it won't end up being depressing but I'm trying to be "realistic" ( ;) E). I'm taking my 17 1/2 year old cat, Ribbon, to the vet tomorrow morning. She's got something odd going on with one of her eyes and she's not been eating her solid food. Now she's a big kitty, at her heaviest she was 25lbs so her passing on food is a pretty big deal. Ribby and I haven't been to this vet before but my "boyfriend" (otherwise known as the lying cheating sack of poop... "boyfriend" seems a touch more polite at the moment) deals with her regularly for his family's farm. Through him I know she's pretty realistic, if there is a way to help Ribby and improve her quality of life she'll do it but if there isn't and my poor sweet (although occasionally contancerous... she IS a cat after all) is in pain she will let me know that too. And if she's in pain then I'm not going to have any other choice... sorry can't even WRITE it right now. But I believe people should have a right to be "put to sleep", I believe the same to be true for pets. So if you all out there wouldn't mind keeping my Ribby in your thoughts and do whatever it is that you might do (pray, sing, chant, whatever) I would appreciate it more than you could ever possibly know.

Ok, I'm going to go pet Ribby and then get ready for what I'm sure will be a sleepless night. More updates tomorrow.

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