Sunday, January 09, 2005

Knitters Rock

As though you all didn't already know this, but I want to thank you all as well. E truly is one of the world's best people (Hush, E, it's true and you know it... don't start with me)

I have a few pictures of my FO that I took with my dad's digital camera when I was at his place for Christmas, but his digital camera isn't all that great and so I'm having a few issues. But I can describe my small list of FO to you.

Dad's scarf. I used WoolEase Thick and Quick, my dad is a Harley riding biker (ha, still makes me laugh) so the "body" of the scarf is black and the fringe is burnt orange (donated by E, thanks sweets!).

Washcloths, washcloths and more washcloths. Welcome to my comfort zone. Patterns of any kind terrify me (heck I have the same problem with recipes) so washcloths are what I currently love to make. Although I am starting to get a little "tired" of them. Maybe that means I'm ready to move to something a touch more "complex" (but please no one hold your breath).

Nathan's scarf. I used WoolEase Chunky (I was planning on using Thick and Quick but I was resticted my the colors available at the store). This is also known as my "Airport Scarf" because I knit a huge chunk of it while in the airport waiting for the flight to my dad's. The finished scarf is about 4 feet long or so. Yeah, it's nearly longer than I am tall but Nathan is 6'9" so I thought longer was better. He says that he likes it so for right now we'll just take his word for it (I haven't actually seen him wear it yet, but right now we don't spend THAT much time together).

Ok I think that's it for FO...


Jill's scarf. It's fun fur and really super easy but for some reason I can't really get into it. I can do about an inch at a time before my attention span starts to wander. (I know I know, Carma with attention span issues... NEVER) Sadly Jill's birthday for which this scarf was the intended gift was Jan 6th, bad future stepdaughter. I did tell her it's a WIP and will be on it's way. I REALLY need to get on that.... Tonight...

Sydney's blanket. I have now attempted the "World's Easiest Baby Blanket" four, wait, possibly five times. It's a terrible block, possibly because it's a "big" (for me) project and going from the small needles to the little ones is a pain in the arse. E suggested I make the blanket out of squares. Thereby breaking the project into a series of little ones. (see, E? You ARE living up to your SAT score) I'm not 100% confident in my ability to then sew up the squares.... After all I am planning on giving said blanket to a 2 year old. But if push comes to shove I can always make the squares and then BEG E for help. ;)

Another washcloth. I want to give one to Cari so she can use it as a "guide" when making hers. E taught me washcloths first because it teaches increasing and decreasing so that's my plan for Cari. I'm ALMOST done with it. I knit a few rows here and there when I get frustrated with other WIPs.

My shawl. Yeah it's the first thing I'm knitting for me. Cari gave me some gorgeous Homespun for Christmas with the express request that I make something for me... the color Barrington, Cari said it looked like a color I would like (it reminded her of me). And in an amusing turn of events E bought a skein of homespun in the same color (same dye lot which is pretty crazy because one was bought in Iowa and the other in Indiana) awhile back because she thought it was pretty... She hasn't used it yet (it was going to be a scarf for her) and had decided that she probably isn't going to use it for anything so she is going to gift it to me to be half of my shawl. Oh and the "pattern" for the shawl? Yup, you guessed it... Essentially half a washcloth, I need help. I would love to create a shawl similiar to the one Norma created for her Yoga instructor (and is modeled by Norma's very own adorable daughter) but I don't think Homespun is a good yarn for that type of shawl and I'm not sure how to do the drop stitch yet.

Hmmmm.... I think that's it for the knitting news in the Carma world. I'm getting ready to make my donation tp MSF based on the Harlot's week challenge. Then I'm also going to sign up for the KWB swap. I think I might take E's confidence to heart and make a sophie, or some other funky, bag with cool bead or wooden handles. i still need to do a little more research on that first. :)

In other news... Not having cable doesn't generally bother me, except on days like today when I seem to be limited to watching football pre-game shows (I dislike sports announcers) or Infomercials. I'm embarassed to say that Infomercials SUCK ME IN.... It's really quite sad. I know that their job is to sell their product and to convince the consumer (or rather the potential consumer) that their lives will be vastly improved because of whatever this product is pretty much by saying whatever is necessary (or NOT saying as the case may be). Right now I want the "Magic Bullet" (it's like a food processor), the Steam Bottle cleaner (FAST, chemical free cleaning/deodorizing), and the Yubisaki Pillow. I know the pillow is mainly because lately I've been having a helluva time sleeping comfortably for any length of time. And the brain does crazy things when it's sleep deprived....

Alright off to donate then knit. Hope a pleasant weekend was had by all. :)


  1. Carma you have my full confidendence, and of course you know I will be willing to help you along the way.

    Hee hee I have to admit that "Magic Bullet", at first, did not register as a kitchen appliance. I've said too much.

  2. E,

    Hence why I put the () in there to explain ;) JUST to be on the safe side. :)