Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hope in a hopeless (?) world

Hello all,

Just wanted to give a brief update on the feline.

She was less than thrilled with yesterday morning's experience but the dr was just wonderful. She gave her a shot of antibiotics and took some blood. The results of the blood tests should be back this afternoon. The situation with her eye could be a result of infection, injury, glaucoma, tumor, or any combination of those (hence the blood test). But the shot has done her some good. She was better last night when I got home from work, really lovey which is saying something for a cat (particularly her). And this morning she was even better. Her eye is definitely NOT "back to normal" I can plainly see there is still something wrong with her cornea but she was more her feisty self.

I know she's seventeen and a half which is positively ancient for a cat (as an aside I know that dog years are seven to one human one but have no clue about cats... If anyone knows that calculation and wouldn't mind sending it along I would be grateful) so I'm trying to balance between hopeful and realistic. It's a pretty fine line I assure you. But she has lived a great life and she has been a wonderful best friend and companion to me since I was ten (I'm very thankful that cats can't actually talk, I would be in serious trouble, although getting a cat's opinion of life would be interesting). I'm just selfish and want her to be with me forever, I'm working on that. :)

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts about Ribby. I will continue to update as soon as I get the results of the blood work from the dr.

Now... back (back?) to work. :)

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