Thursday, December 23, 2004

You've got Monitor!


I FINALLY have a monitor in my house that works (yup, E, apparently I got those plugs in the right place :) ) so now all I need is a digital camera and I can blog like a pro!

Knitting news... (shockingly I have some)

I got all but one of my knitted Christmas items done. Granted most of them are washclothes but, hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. I have completed two scarfs... One for a coworker's birthday (she liked!) and one for my Dad for Christmas. If I ever get there perhaps I can give it to him (more on that in a moment). I'm pretty pleased with both of them. The only thing I might do a little different is make the next scarves longer, but then again I personally appreciate a long scarf. I do have another scarf to make, this is the one Christmas item that I haven't even finished. Er, wait, I haven't technically STARTED that one yet. Details, details. It's for the lying cheating sack of poop so the desire to actually make it changes from moment to moment. Currently I'm placating myself by reminding myself that once it's done I don't HAVE to necessarily give it to him. :)

I should be at my Dad's right now in Cincinnati... but in case you haven't read a paper or saw on the news... a good chunk of the middle and east of the good ol' US of A got SPANKED with snow (at least by their standards). So all flights to Cincinnati from Cedar Rapids, Iowa were cancelled today. I am among the fortunate though because I currently have a seat on a flight tomorrow night, it's actuallly the same flight I was supposed to take today, just tomorrow. The poop's sister is somewhere between here and Lexington KY. She was supposed to fly from Lexington to Detroit to O'Hare to Cedar Rapids (that here, ladies and gentlemen, is a woman that needs to fire her travel planner). We know she got on a plane in Lexington but so far that's all we know. And when you look on the web for airports with "issues" because of weather include every single one that she is supposed to visit today. Thankfully I know her well enough (read: very little but enough to know this) to know that she is a pretty resourceful not to mention flexible person so I'm sure she'll be alright. So I hope everyone out there either was able or is able to get to their original planned destination.

Ok, another knitting thought, I was looking at the Yarn Harlot's website today (SHOCKING) and I'm in love with her Latvian (which I may or may not be spelling right) Mittens. E assured me that they are not nearly as difficult to make as they look. Now I know E, she wasn't saying this to lessen the fabulous job our Harlot has done but rather in her attempt to get me not to be frustrated and therefore not even try to attempt something that cool. Yes, E, I'm onto you. :) But I'll keep it in my "someday" file. You know someday I'll think about making something like that myself. I think I'll teach my coworker, Cari, how to knit first then maybe her and I can slug through it together. You know local moral support. We'll see... I just recently got Cari to say (without my prompting) that she would like me to teach her how to knit. *Insert evil laugh here*

Alrighty then, I have to go unpack some of the stuff I packed this afternoon (sadly only to repack tomorrow) and apparently there was something I'm allergic to in my bath water this evening. So I have these weird fairly burning itching spots all over my body. I've rinsed my whole body with a COLD shower (which made my apartment seem warmer, which was a bonus) and taken Benadryl. Hopefully I won't wake up horribly disfigured. But, hey, if I do I always have my "charming personality"?

Happy Holidays (whichever ones you celebrate) everyone!!

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  1. Okay, let's be honest, Cara. There may not have been any prompting on your part, but I'm fairly certain there was brainwashing. :) hehehe, just kidding. You know I am looking forward to learning! :) Have a good day, you two!