Thursday, December 09, 2004

HOW many days???

Yeah so I decided to make my adorable little 2 year old neice the "world's easiest baby blanket" (this is according to E) for Christmas. Well I'm not the fastest knitter on the planet and the little tiny needles are killing me... But not as much as trying to go from the little needles to the big needles... MAN! I hope there is a trick to that and I sure hope I learn it fast. Otherwise she might get this blanket for her high school graduation. OY!

But in other Christmas related news... Nearly done with my shopping (and unlike E I don't start in August, I just have a MUCH smaller family and therefore MUCH smaller list of people to shop for), well I've ordered most everything which is another advantage. Knit a slew of washclothes and then buy everyone homemade ALL natural soaps from I seriously think that I might be in love with Karla, their "Soap Lady". I HIGHLY recommend them. Even if you just jet on over to read about them, I guarantee it will be worth the trip. In fact I've talked them up so much in my office that my Secret Santa got me some of her soap. YAY!

Yeah, and my emotions hit a bit of a slump today (I know I know I'm an emotional wreck on the proverbal roller coaster) so I'm going to go dye my hair, take a bath, and probably knit some more on Sydney's blanket. "Baby, you're a free girl now...."

Not so much working as well tonight.

Ah well.

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