Thursday, December 09, 2004

EVERY confidence

Let me start by saying I have every confidence that E can do it. I truly don't believe there is a stinking thing that she can't do. Heck, she's been my dorky best friend for YEARS and believe me that in and of itself is no mean feat (*Hugs to you*)

And I also want to point out the Tom Petty CD in the picture with the yarn... Yeah, yeah, yeah, I bet you thought I wouldn't notice. :) I may be ridiculously dumb in so many other areas but occasionally I stun even myself.

Ok, more on my knitting adventures (or rather mis-adventures) later... you know when I'm NOT at work (shhh).


  1. hee hee i was wondering if you'd pick up on the cd right away. I thank you for your vote of confidence. By the way, what do you think of your hat?

  2. Waited so stinking long in vain for pictures to show up and then of course wasn't paying attention when they were. OY! This is my life ;)

    I LOVE my hat. I'm going to look ENTIRELY too cute in it!

    Love ya,