Friday, November 12, 2004

Dorkiness times two

Ha! E wasn't kidding when she said that more often or not we start out conversations with, "On today's episode of My Best Friend's a Dork..."

A couple months ago I called E with another episode... I had gotten ready for work and it being summertime had a pair of flip flops by the front door. I was planning on wearing them to work... Not only did I leave my apartment without my shoes on but I made it all the way out to the parking lot and into my car before I realized it. I actually sat in my car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the clutch thinking... "Now something here doesn't feel right." Well, duh, generally I can't feel the pedals on the bottom of my feet. But, hey, it could be worse... At least it's not like I forgot my pants or something... and, again, since it was summertime the temp outside was probably close to the temp in my apartment so it makes sense why it took me so long to catch on.

Fast forward to this morning... It was about 30 degrees (yeah had to scrape the car windows and everything) and yes... I forgot to put my shoes on AGAIN. I walked out the door to my apartment building in my socks and thought... "MAN it's brisk!" Then I stepped on a wet spot of pavement...

I think I need to wake up before I actually walk out the door in the morning.

So E I hope that makes you feel a little better, and I'm glad the books made it through the Dr Pepper fiasco relatively unscathed.

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