Wednesday, October 06, 2004


E's dorky best friend, Carma, FINALLY figured out how to use this blasted thing!!! WOOHOO! Whew! Ok... I'm Carma, the other half of the dorky best friend brigade. I should tell you a touch about myself. I know this is a knitting blog but E is the one with the knitting talent. I'm VERY new at this and not a real crafty person to begin with, so far I can make washclothes. Therefore everyone I know is getting one for Christmas. :) I keep saying I'm going to make my dad a scarf for Christmas in Harley colors but I have a feeling that might have to wait until his birthday in March. (sorry Dad). Ok for some reason my computer is not recognizing my enter key so.... I guess I'll just end this stream of conciousness for now.

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