Monday, October 11, 2004


Ok, I'm all about being out in nature, in fact I love it. HOWEVER I don't recommend hiking 11 miles over a two day period especially if you're the type of person who is lucky to walk a quarter of a mile a day. All in all though I'm glad I did it. My boyfriend, Nathan, (yeah E and I are both with men with the same names... how crazy is that?) went to Effigy Mounds here in Iowa. If you're ever in that neck of the woods especially in the fall I HIGHLY recommend it. It's along the Mississippi River so you hike on the bluffs and look across to Wisconsin. :) Once I get my pictures developed I'll try to post a few. Ok, I still can't get my computer to recognize my enter key... If there's anyone out there that can help a girl out I would appreciate it. Confounded thing. Oh I do have some knitting news!! I knitted another washcloth this weekend, granted I screwed it up towards the end and in trying to salvage it made it worse so I unraveled it. BUT all this extra practice is really making a difference. :) And Nathan specifically asked me to make him washcloth, "when I have time, no hurry." I already told him that if he wants a handknit sweater he's going to have to sweet-talk E because I'm not going there as a result of the curse. Hey, what can I say I like this guy. But a washcloth isn't too much work, in fact I like making them. It gives me something to do while I'm mindlessly watching TV and then I don't feel like so much of a couch potato. :) Alright I'm off to take a hot bath and hopefully sooth my sore muscles. 'Night all.


  1. Hehehehe I just noticed that the time zone information on the time stamp has the town for our part of the Central Time Zone to be Knox, IN. Ok no offense at ALL to anyone from or living in Knox, it's a nice town. But I never really thought it would be the barometer for which the time zone would be based. But maybe I'm wrong, that's been known to happen... once or twice. ;)

  2. I can tell you one thing. There is NO WAY I'm making Tower a sweater on anything under a 13 needle. :)

  3. Hehehehe! BIG yarn BIG needles.